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Florence Hearns White

Charles Sandridge Jr.

Warren Reginald “Flea” Mills

Christopher Julian "CJ" Carr

Percy Wilmer Payne

Vandrew Atwell Whiting, Jr.

Mary S. Smith

Robert H. White

Virginia Marie Walker Johnson

Anthony Darnell Adams

Clovia Jan Crawford

Elizabeth Stevens Vaughn

Isiah J. Walker “Flat Top”

Jeanette Delois Green

Thomas Henry Blagmon

Barbara Marie Kelley

Joanne Alberta Jackson

Rey Sazon De Goya

John Tinsley Spears

Reverend Olin Williams Jr

James Crenshaw, Jr.

Raymond Brock Sr.

Johnella Denise Smith

Horacoi “Boo or Buckit” Avelino Martin

Thomas Walls Jr.

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